Cinestar gives up multiplex in Kassel: So it goes on with cinema kassel

Cinestar gives up multiplex in Kassel: So it goes on with cinema kassel

The large multiplex cinema on the trumpet in Kassel is to get new operators: The Cinestar chain will withdraw from the city in April. Cinema fans can breathe a sigh of relief.

Updated at 3:58 p.m. - According to the owners, the property that will shape the cityscape will then continue to be operated as a multiplex cinema - under which brand and under which exact sign, there was initially no information about this.

As the reason for Cinestar's withdrawal, managing director Oliver Fock mentioned that the lease expires after 15 years. The cinema company does not intend to continue the tenancy and returns the building to the owners. Fock did not provide any information on the profitability of the Kassel location. One reason for the decision could be that the Cinestar Group should be sold to the British operator of the Cinemaxx cinemas.

The property in Kassel belongs to the Hagen cinema entrepreneur family Kieft. Heiner Kieft told HNA that she wanted to operate the location herself in the future: "We will take over and keep all the staff from April 1st." There will be no interruptions for the public. There are a lot of changes to the operating concept, Kieft wants to announce further details in February.

Many people in Kassel got used to the cinema colossus between the Karlskirche, town hall and courts only slowly when, after a long planning period around the turn of the millennium, it grew up on an earlier parking lot site: some forts about the "whale" or the "spaceship" in the cityscape. Others complained that the Karlskirche was completely squeezed - although its original situation in the historic city of Oberneustadt was also no more generous. & Nbsp;

But then he stood there, the “Ufa Palace Kassel”, and people came in droves and marveled at the opening. 13 halls, 3400 seats: there has never been so much cinema in a building, and the large self-service zone for snacks and drinks was also a novelty in Kassel. 140,000 cinema fans came in the first two months alone. & Nbsp;

It took two and a half years for a serious crisis to arise: the operator Ufa ran into financial difficulties. Many have already seen an investment ruin in a central location. In August 2003, the Lübeck company Kieft & amp; Kiefte and took over 28 Ufa cinemas - including the Kasseler Haus, which was subsequently converted to the Cinestar brand. & Nbsp;

Short intermezzo: The glamorous lettering "Ufa-Palast" stood on the building for only two and a half years, and has been operating under the name Cinestar since 2003.

Over the course of the following 15 years, the once futuristic cinema spaceship has lost some of its splendor inside. While the projection technology is on a new, digital level, seats and halls are obviously getting old. & Nbsp;

And the division of the foyer has never really worked - the generously planned entrance area to the five-window street is neither used nor used, the queues are often long at a few occupied cash desks. A long-announced redesign of the cinema foyer never took place. Now there is a restart of the operating concept and there is an opportunity to remedy such defects.

Born in 1962. I have been with the HNA since 1992 and have worked in the local editorial office in Kassel since 2011. Kasselians by birth, Nordhesse by conviction.

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