As much as 57 percent Poles do not trust Tadeusz Rydzyk. survey

As much as 57 percent Poles do not trust Tadeusz Rydzyk. survey

We treated Tadeusz Rydzyk as a politician and asked Poles if they trusted him. An enterprising preacher from Toruń leaves far behind Kaczyński, Schetyna and Petru. Only 10% trust him, mainly people aged 60 plus and PiS voters. Only his companion - Antoni Macierewicz - had such a bad opinion [SONDAŻ OKO.PRESS]

In the December poll decided to ask Polish women and Poles what feelings Tadeusz Rydzyk evokes in them. Do they consider the most famous Redemptorist in Poland a trustworthy person? Do they approach him with distrust? Or is he just indifferent to them?

The creation of the Real Europe - Europe Christi party was obviously a direct inspiration. In the media, for a reason, it is commonly called the "Rydzyk Party". It was registered by a close associate of Redemptorist, prof. Mirosław Piotrowski. According to the portal informer, Tadeusz Rydzyk could not agree with PiS regarding the issue of filling the lists for the European elections with his protégés.

For the time being, however, there is little indication that Poland should perform the miracle of re-evangelization of Europe under the auspices of a religious from Toruń. The Real Europe Movement scored just 0.74 percent in our survey. votes. We asked for support for individual parties in two variants - with and without Rydzyk. In the version without the Real Europe Movement, the PiS result jumped from 36.8 percent. up to 38.9 percent The difference & nbsp; however, it is still within the limits of a statistical error, so it cannot be clearly stated that the "Rydzyk party" would receive the PiS electorate.

Father Tadeusz Rydzyk inspires confidence in 9.6 percent respondents. About 23.4 percent declares their indifference towards the clergyman. 56.7 percent are wary of an entrepreneurial religious from Toruń. Polish women and Poles. Only 3.4 percent did not know what to say.

A surprisingly small percentage, because only & nbsp; 7 percent, does not know who the hero of the question is. This is very high recognition. Twice as many people do not know who Gowin or Ziobro is.

The differences between men and women are not significant. In most categories, they amount to a maximum of 2 percentage points. Only slightly more men (26 percent) than women (21 percent) declare indifference towards him.

There is something that determines the confidence of the respondents towards Tadeusz Rydzyk even older (more on this later). It is being a voter of Law and Justice. A record breaks in this group: Rydzykowi trusts as much as 23 percent. respondents. Compared to all other respondents, it looks like this:

The results of the level of distrust towards Rydzyk are largely a reversal of the order of this list. However, point differences are greater. Among the electorates of individual parties, distrust of Tadeusz Rydzyk declares, respectively:

These results are, of course, broken by the declared indifference towards Rydzyk, which ranges, depending on the electorate, from 0 percent. (PSL, Total) up to 40 percent (Justice). The indifference of PiS voters is probably an expression of confusion: they do not trust Rydzyek, but it is difficult to admit it. So they choose a neutral term.

One thing is certain - Rydzyk is strong PiS. Although still, looking at the general reckoning and the result of the Real Europe Movement, its strength is not of those who move mountains.

Tadeusz Rydzyk falls pale against the background of research in which Poles are asked about their attitude towards the Church as an institution. The Catholic Information Agency prepared a report "The Church in Poland" in December. Summed up there were many years of CBOS research on the level of trust in the Church. The bars have been falling regularly since 2002, but the results are still several times higher than in the case of Father Director:

What happened during this time? In 2014, John Paul II was canonized, which was also the moment of the solstice of papal worship in Poland. In 2015, the election was won by Law and Justice, which led to an alliance of the throne with the altar on an unprecedented scale. It was during the PiS rule that Jesus Christ was enthroned as King of Poland, and Poland itself was entrusted to the Black Madonna. All this was done with the hands of the rulers themselves.

Confidence in the Church is not synonymous with religiosity, but it is certainly correlated with it. Poland is laicizing, and this process is usually the result of factors such as the enrichment of society. Therefore, it is difficult to say unequivocally whether or not we are secularizing ourselves through clerical and political games.

In the latest survey of trust in institutions and public figures in Italy, the Church obtained a lower result than in Poland, because only 38 percent. respondents. However, as many as 72 percent trust Pope Francis. Italians.

Tadeusz Rydzyk is not formally a politician, because according to the Code of Canon Law clerics cannot take active part in & nbsp; political parties or trade unions (Can. 287 par. 2). Unless

"In the opinion of the competent ecclesiastical authority & nbsp; - it will be required to defend the rights of the Church or to develop the common good."

Speaker of the Senate, Stanisław Karczewski also claims that Tadeusz Rydzyk "is not a politician, but simply a wonderful man." However, the facts show something else. discussed in detail the political inclinations of & nbsp; & nbsp; the empire of Father Director, & nbsp; personal influences in government and the financial benefits of friendship with PiS.

So how does it compare with other well-known politicians? Let's look at the results of the CBOS survey checking confidence in politicians in December 2018.

Comparison of research results conducted by different methods by two different centers should be treated with caution, but it is hard not to notice that there is no policy on the CBOS list with an equally low level of trust (9.6%) or with an equally high level of distrust (56 , 7%). Tadeusz Rydzyk would be an absolute record holder in both categories.

These results are even more interesting when one compares the level of trust in individual politicians with trust in the Sejm. CBOS tests it regularly and over the years these numbers range from 20 to 39 percentage points. There have been some fluctuations over the past few months, but confidence in the Sejm has remained at thirty-several percent.

The Sejm and Senate are always slightly worse rated than governments. We know & nbsp; - someone may not trust the Sejm and the Senate because of the opposition or the way they work. However, it can be seen in various rankings that people of power - the prime minister, president, or even the pope - perform better in research than the government, parliament or church.

This means, therefore, that Tadeusz Rydzyk is radically deprived of the legitimacy of his "original environment". He clearly doesn't get the "bonus position" like Mateusz Morawiecki or Andrzej Duda, which would mean that he is not seen as a man of church power. Who is Tadeusz Rydzyk for the church?

The results of the Redemptorist most closely resemble the results of trust in Antoni Macierewicz from the time when he was still in the PiS government of the current parliamentary term. Huge distrust (always about fifty-several percent - as in Rydzyk), trust reaching a maximum of 20 percent. (twice as much)

Both characters are a burden of image for their environments. However, the church is in a slightly more convenient position than PiS. It does not operate within democratic structures, so it does not have to worry about hiding inconvenient members from the upcoming elections.

When it comes to age, there are no surprises. In people between 18 and 49 years of age & nbsp; Tadeusz Rydzyk raises the least confidence at the level of 3-4% & nbsp; and the highest lack of trust & nbsp; - as much as 67 percent.

Confidence in the Father's Director remains at 4% & up to 49 years of age. In the 50-59 range, it jumps suddenly to 12 percent, and in the over 60 years range, it increases by up to 19 percent.

There is no "conservative curvature" of people aged 18-29. In many studies, the preferences of this group, for example its attitude towards abortion, are close to the group of 50-59 years old and above. Here distrust remains at a higher level among the so-called young - 62 percent, which gives them a second result, after the most distrustful group of 40-49 years.

Education also fosters distrust of the Redemptorist. In the group of people with elementary and junior high school education, 16% trust him respondents. This number is gradually decreasing with the next levels of education. Up to a result of 4 percent among persons with undergraduate and higher education. The level of distrust is distributed similarly - 48 percent. among people with primary and lower secondary education, up to 69% among higher and undergraduate education.

It is a little less intuitive when we look at the results of housing. Rydzyek is most trusted by the inhabitants of the village, although here the result is not spectacular, because it reaches only 13 percent.

However, we get the lowest result not in medium-sized, large cities and those above 500,000. residents (8% everywhere), but in cities up to 20,000 residents (5 percent).

These are small towns & nbsp; along with cities over 500,000 residents lead in distrust of the religious. As many as 65% declare it in both groups. respondents. In the countryside, 50% do not trust him, in medium and large cities it is 58 and 59% respectively.

Rydzyku is much more trusted by the lowest earners (income up to PLN 1,500) - 16 percent Trust increases as income increases. Although the record in distrust (65 percent) belongs to the group earning between 4.5 thousand and 7,000 zlotys. Among those earning above 7,000 this result drops to 53% and differs little from the result among the poorest group (51%).

A graduate of Law and Philosophy at the University of Warsaw. She published, among others in Dwutygodnik, Res Publice Nowa and Magazyn Cultural. He writes about politics and the media. He conducts LIVE relations in social media.

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