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One of the Russian cities with a million inhabitants is the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The ancient city of Ufa, founded in the XVI century, is located on the coast of the Belaya river, at the confluence of the tributaries of Ufa and Dema. One of the major points of the Golden Horde, the settlement Bashkort described in his Chronicles of the Arab historian Ibn Khaldun, the city calls it Paskirti Mercator, cartographer of Flanders. But the beginning of the history of Ufa is the period of transition of Bashkir tribes under the patronage of Ivan the terrible in the middle of XVI century. Now the metropolis is considered the largest industrial center of the country. The advanced oil refining complex played a fundamental role in obtaining this status. But there are other large enterprises in the city that belong to the construction, wood processing industry, pharmaceuticals. Ufa is located in the center of the most important railway, air, highways connecting the Eastern regions with the center of the country. This metropolis has a rich Arsenal of attractions that attract tourists from all over the world. On our website you can learn more about the hotel Fund of the city, book a hotel in Ufa.
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Despite the rich history of the settlement on the Bank of the Belaya river, Ufa received the status of the city relatively recently. It became the center of the province two hundred years ago. Before that, there was a small village, where representatives of local peoples lived. Construction of the city in the XIX century was carried out according to the plan of the Scottish architect. William Geste already had the experience of building in the Central cities of Russia, created a project that guided the builders for more than a hundred years. The author used a non-standard approach, in his plan the streets diverged in the form of a fan from the Smolensk Cathedral. Central streets and today are the "heart" of the metropolis, its historical zone. Here are luxury hotels in Ufa.
Main sights of Ufa
On postcards, magnets, icons Ufa invariably portrayed its chief symbol of. This is a monument dedicated to the national Bashkir hero, which is Salavat Yulaev, the closest ally of Yemelyan Pugachev. The monument has an observation deck that opens an amazing panorama of the Belaya river. Excursions to it offer many hotels in Ufa, a visit to the monument is included in the program of private guides. The decoration of the city, the subject of his pride is a unique Islamic mosque-madrasah, which is called "liala-Tulip". The name of the religious temple is easily explained. The mosque has 2 minarets, the shape of which resembles Tulip buds. Built an Islamic temple in our days, but has become one of the most popular attractions. In Ufa, several well-known objects, which tries to visit every guest of the city. The symbol of friendship and unity of the Bashkir and Russian people is the "Monument of Friendship". This obelisk is mounted to the 400-year anniversary of the occurrence of Bashkortostan in structure of Russia, is among the objects of the cultural heritage of the country. Memorial "Grieving mother" was erected in honor of the citizens of the Republic who died in hot spots. The figure of a woman symbolizing the mother's grief is surrounded by steles, on which there are slabs of granite with the names of the victims, a poem dedicated to mothers who lost their sons. A favorite place for meetings, a variety of entertainment, productive shopping is "Gostiny Dvor". Active trade was conducted here since the XVIII century. Now it is a two-storey gallery with shops, market square, clubs, restaurants. Replacement part slab glass domes provided the sunlight. Sports fans can go to the stadium "Ufa-arena", built for the famous hockey team "Salavat Yulaev". There are competitions in figure skating, KHL matches, Championships of youth, children's national teams. The stadium provides a platform for the performance of stars of show business, urban large-scale events. In Ufa, there is a racetrack "Akbuzat", which is sure to interest gamblers racing. Theatergoers can visit the Opera and ballet theater, the Republican drama theater. Admirers of literature are invited to the Museum of S. T. Aksakov, a native of Ufa. Take a pleasant walk in the beautiful garden of Salavat Yulaev. Yakutova Park is a favorite target residents and guests of the city. On its territory there are excellent conditions for recreation, there are many attractions for children and adults. Family entertainment can be organized in the SEC "planet", which is equipped with a Jurassic Park. You can go with the children to the circus, Gafuri Park. The most popular entertainment is the attraction "Seventh heaven". It is a Ferris wheel 48 m high. You can prepare in advance for the trip to the capital of Bashkortostan on our website. We offer full information about hotels, help to book a hotel in Ufa.
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